Our Republican Candidates

Kelly Parker

Kelly Parker, an entrepreneur, owns Grace Note Piano Studio and offers early childhood music classes.
“As a small business owner, I understand the importance of fiscal responsibility, however my main priority as a council member will be protecting our constitutional freedoms.” said Parker.
Long time Evansdale home owners John and Francis Robbins commented, “My husband and I back Kelly Parker 100%. She’s a Republican and a Christian and she won’t steer us wrong. She’ll get things done that need to be done in Evansdale. Things that will prosper the community and keep us safe and growing. She respects our police and first responders. We would love to see her be our representative here in Evansdale.”
“I’ve spent a lot of time listening to my neighbors. I’ve learned a lot from them and want to be their voice at City Hall.” said Parker.










Dawn Henry

Longtime Waterloo resident Dawn Henry has announced her candidacy for Waterloo City Council Ward 5.

Henry has lived in Waterloo for nearly 60 years and has raised a family in the city with her husband.

In a release, Henry said she is proud of Waterloo but has had recent concerns over City Council decisions.

"I want to be part of a Council that leads our city in the right direction," Henry said.

Some of the goals she lists are:

  • Restore common sense in city government
  • Address sewer and flooding issues in Ward 5
  • Support the Police Department
  • Bring back the Griffin


Todd Maxson
Hello, my name is Todd Maxson and I am running for Waterloo City Council Ward 3. I have lived and worked in the Waterloo area my whole life, starting in the Automotive Industry. I then moved on to being an excavator operator for many years. I currently own my own business. I am married to my beautiful wife, Bobbie Maxson, and between the two of us we have 3 sons ages 29, 28, and 26. 
I made my decision to run because I don't believe the City Council is the place for anti-police rhetoric. I firmly support our Waterloo Police Department and Waterloo Fire Department. Also, I don't believe the taxpayer's money is being spent in the best way possible to help all of our citizens. 
If elected, I look forward to open communication to help do what is best for the City of Waterloo at all times and in all areas. 
Again thank you for your support.










Dennis Halverson

It’s time to get the campaign in gear. This will take support on the ground and funding. ***Please donate what you are comfortable with and help get our message out to Waterloo voters.***
Our city has drawn the attention of outside National Interests that are trying to influence Waterloo.
We cannot allow that to happen. Our solutions are local. Waterloo is unique. Let’s bring it together and keep it that way.











Dustin Ganfield

I am for a safer community, a stronger citizen's voice, and smarter council governance. I've reviewed the PS-22 Citizen-Centered Public Safety model and I support this proposal.
Many citizens I've talked to are concerned about safety, as am I. As a safety and security team leader, I maintain vigilance against any potential hazards, whether probable or merely plausible. I will never stand down just because a crisis hasn't happened. Rationalizing that we don't need to be well-prepared just because the city hasn't burned down yet, is not only risky, it is arrogantly foolish.
If you want to be able to explore how the PS-22 proposal could be implemented, I'd be happy to serve you on city council!



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